ThinkBig Networks is bringing high speed Internet connectivity to businesses and consumers across Kent County, Maryland. Almost unheard of outside of a few major metropolitan areas, the new fiber optic network currently being installed will provide incredible speed and bandwidth. Now businesses and consumers alike can enjoy congestion-free travel on both the asphalt and digital highways of the picturesque and business-friendly Upper Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

That’s why Judy Morgan, ThinkBig’s Director of Sales, gets so excited when she describes what’s happening. There is no business is too big, no electronic commerce demand too extreme for the new network to handle. According to Judy, even the basic residential package provides blazing gigabit-per-second speeds on both uploads and downloads. That’s fast! You can see for yourself in their showroom, where several large monitors stream high definition content from multiple sources simultaneously. While you’re there, try your hand at their virtual reality gaming station.

Customers are signing up fast as installation crews work their way across the county. The first major residential installation is occurring in Kent More Park, a large waterfront community on the Sassafras River. This will be the first high speed Internet service available to the eclectic, close-knit community. Residents are ecstatic — especially weekenders from large northern metropolitan areas who will now be able to telecommute with their offices and manage global business demands from home.

For businesses, the opportunities are limitless. From high tech manufacturers and Internet retailers to small businesses looking to grow their online sales, any company that wants to connect with customers now has the platform to do it. This is a great resource for the entrepreneurs and business clients of Upper Shore SCORE. Our volunteer mentors are eager to help leverage this new capacity for our clients, and we’ll be working closely with ThinkBig Networks to make the most of this dynamic asset.

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