Bob Jacob opened Chesapeake CNC in 2002 after years of hands-on experience in the machining and manufacturing industry. A native of Rock Hall, Bob (shown explaining manufacturing process to visiting high school student) graduated form Kent County High School in the late eighties and set out for college. Math had always come easily for Bob and he quickly became bored with the slow pace of college courses and decided instead to take technical courses in drafting mechanical components. After only six months of training, Bob had amassed an impressive portfolio of work and applied for a job at Dixon Valve and Coupling where he was hired into the firm’s apprentice program. He worked in the drafting department initially and later moved into operations running milling machines. 

Eventually Bob moved on to a variety of different companies to learn related skills like 3-D modeling. After learning all the skills and procedures necessary to run the entire manufacturing process, Bob purchased an advanced milling machine, set it up in his garage and began contacting the firms he’d met along the way. The business took off, and after several years of steady growth, Bob called on SCORE in 2008 to assess his procedures and advise him on ways to cut costs. Working with his team of SCORE mentors they analyzed every facet of his business. Through the engagement, Bob formed a close relationship with one of his mentors who’s many years of manufacturing and product design experience proved very helpful over the following years. 

Chesapeake CNC now has 26 employees and is expecting to gross $3.5 MM in 2018. Having garnered the coveted ISO 9001 quality management status for several years running, they are on track to receive exclusive AS 9100 certification later this year. This will qualify the firm to manufacture critical inflight components for the aerospace industry. The certification is rare among small firms and will put Chesapeake CNC in league with large international defense contractors.